Why you should never insure your Mobile Home on your Household policy!

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by Hazel Tynan

Posted on December 3, 2018

Home Insurance Vs Separate Mobile Home Insurance Policies
You may come across a lot of Household policies which allow you to insure your Mobile Home or Caravan as part of the same policy. At first, this may seem like a good idea as it could save you money on your insurance premium. Unfortunately in our experience this is not a great way to insure your Mobile Home or Caravan and could end up costing you an awful lot more in the long run.

No Claims Bonus Risks on Your Home Insurance Policy
One of the most important factors insurers take into consideration when determining the premium you have to pay is your claims history, and just like with a car policy, insurers will allow you a No Claims Discount on your home of up to 40%! This goes for Mobile Homes too. Isn’t that a nice chunk to knock off your premium?! The main issue here is when you have your Mobile Home insured under your Home policy, insurers combine the No Claims Discount. They don’t take into account that the two structures are completely different and may even be in different locations.

Why Risk Your Home Insurance No Claims Bonus unnecessarily?
Maintaining a No Claims Discount on your Home policy is very important as it could save you hundreds on your premium every year. Having your Mobile Home on your Household policy means you will lose this no claims discount if a claims arises.

Mobile Home Insurance Claims Scenario to Consider
Picture this: Your Mobile Home is insured on your Household policy. You keep the Mobile Home on a site in Wexford but you live in Dublin. Due to very bad weather, your Mobile Home is damaged and you need to make a small claim from your insurer of €2000.

  • Scenario 1: Your Mobile Home is insured on your Household policy. On this policy you receive a full no claims discount saving you €200 every year. Your Household No Claims Bonus is now gone and you will be loaded. As a result of this, regardless of who you insure with, you may end up paying up to €350 extra per year for up to 6 years.
  • Scenario 2: If you had your Mobile Home and Household insured separately, your Home policy would remain untouched. This means you would keep the no claim bonus on your Household policy which equates to €200 annually. Your Mobile Home premium would increase following the loss of the no claims bonus, but as the premium is much lower the difference would only be €50 rather than €350 extra every year.

Always Take Out a Separate Mobile Home Insurance Policy
You can see in the example above, which unfortunately happens too often, why we always recommend taking out a separate Home and Mobile Home Insurance policy. With our standalone Mobile Home policies, it couldn’t be easier to do so! We will put your Mobile Home on cover straight away and give you a clear explanation of what exactly you are covered for. Other insurance brokers may recommend combining policies to save a few euro on your premium but we make sure that you have the best cover and think ahead for the times you will need insurance companies the most… when a claim arises. If you have any queries on either our Household or Mobile Home policies, please do not hesitate to give us a ring and we will be glad to go through it with you.

Hazel Tynan

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HI, I'm Hazel, Home / Mobile Home Insurance Executive here at Arachas.
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